The CLI provides a command called shell that allows you enter an interactive terminal and execute many morpheus commands.

This is a nice way to test things out quickly.

Open a shell

morpheus shell

Now you may run all the available commands like so:

morpheus> remote use dev
morpheus> login
morpheus> clouds list

To see the list of all available commands, use help.

morpheus> help

TAB can be used to auto-complete the name of a command or any aliases you’ve defined.

CTRL + R can be used to search for available commands and previously executed commands.

The and arrow keys can be used to navigate through the shell history.

To see a list of all the commands you’ve executed in a shell, use history.

morpheus> history
Last 4 commands
  1  flush-history
  2  groups list
  3  clouds list
  4  instances list

Historical commands can be executed by prefixing the command number with !

morpheus> !2

And again, just like bash, you can re-execute the last command with !!

morpheus> !!

The flush-history command can be used to delete the shell history.

It is possible to execute multiple commands sequentially inside a shell, like this:

morpheus> instances stats 7; instances stats 8; instances stats 9

You may define an Alias within a shell, which will persist through subsequent shells.

morpheus shell
morpheus> alias restart-711='instances restart "My Test Instance"'
morpheus> restart-711
morpheus> exit
morpheus shell
morpheus> restart-711

To exit a shell, use exit

morpheus> exit

Set Prompt

You can customize the morpheus shell prompt to have it display things like your username and the name of the appliance.

Edit your .morpheusrc configuration file.

morpheus edit-rc

Enter the following script into your configuration file and save it.

set-prompt "%cyan%username%reset@%magenta%remote %cyanmorpheus> %reset"
remote get current
echo "Welcome back %username"

Now start a new morpheus shell to see it working:

morpheus shell

If you are already in a morpheus shell, you can just use reload:

morpheus> reload