This is a list of changes in the most recent versions of the CLI.

All versions of the CLI are tested to be compatible with the matching version of the Morpheus Appliance.

Backwards compatibility with older appliances should be preserved in most cases.


  • Fixed gem install dependency issue with ffi



  • Fixed issue with network-routers firewall-rule [router] [rule] --dry-run


  • Fixed man error



  • New command email-templates for managing email templates.

  • Updated budgets to support Forecast Model


  • Fixed issue with clusters add and the resource pool option type loading

  • Fixed issue with --curl when the payload is a file and not ‘application/json’



  • Updated license get to show license usage for new standard limits.



  • Updated license get to show License Usage containing bar graph for each limit and support new standard license limit type.


  • Fix catalog-item-types update-logo not updating the logo



  • Updated clouds to support viewing and setting Labels

  • Updated groups to support viewing and setting Labels

  • Updated groups list|get to display the same information as the UI, including counts for Instances, Hosts, VMs


  • Fix bug that prevented more than 1024 characters from being entered as a prompt input, for example on license install ‘License Key:’ prompt

  • Fix setup license install printing deprecation warning about ‘license apply’ command

  • Fix networks list showing inactive subnets as active



  • Removed command dashboard



  • Updated resource-folders update to support --default-folder on and -image-target on


  • Fix prompting for options that have type=hidden and use an optionSource

  • Fix prompting for options that use the requireOnCode flag to determine if they are required

  • Fix resource-folders get always showing Default: No

  • Fix catalog add making an extra and unneccesary api request to /api/catalog-item-types



  • New command library-cluster-packages for managing cluster packages.

  • New command library-forms for managing option forms and their inputs.

  • Renamed self-service to catalog-item-types. The old command still exists, though it will be deprecated in the future. Please update your scripts to use catalog-item-types.

  • Updated catalog-item-types to support forms.

  • Updated catalog to support types that use forms. The CLI only supports prompting for the Basic input types, but support for all of the Advanced and Provisioning input types will be added soon.


  • Fixed certificates add --type nsxtCertificate issue with the integration options not being provided for the Service prompt.



  • Updated roles to support Landing Url field named landingUrl


  • Fixed policies get-type to allow the policy type name or id to be specified instead of requiring id



  • New command network-servers for managing Network Server integrations (NSX, etc)

  • New subcommand clusters refresh

  • New subcommand clouds type to view details about a specific cloud type

  • Updated clouds get to display Last Sync and Sync Duration



  • Updated catalog-item-type get command to display instanceSpec as config in JSON format


  • Removed plugins check-updates which is not yet implemented



  • Remove deprecated New Relic settings from monitor-settings command


  • Fixed roles update-catalog-item-type-access|update-report-type-access|update-vdi-pool-access|update-task-access|update-workflow-access resulting in a ‘Not Found’ error for resources with access set to default

  • Fixed monitor-settings update resulting in “Specify at least one option to update.” error. This impacted several other commands as well



  • New command backups for managing backups

  • Updated instances and apps to use new displayName property returned by the API

  • Updated instances run-workflow to support new option --phase PHASE, and also servers run-workflow



  • Updated instances add-schedule to prompt for timezone

  • Remove deprecated command doc


  • Fixed load-balancer-pools update error



  • New command load-balancer-pool-nodes for managing load balancer pool nodes.

  • Updated roles get|list-permissions to hide all resources with access set to default. There is a new option called --include-default-access to show all resource permissions, including default access.


  • Fixed cypher so that item key is now now url encoded. This issue would occur when then item key contained a space or other special character.

  • Fixed instances add and networks add network prompts not being scoped to the selected resource pool.



  • Updated service-catalog add to support new option --payloads PATH, providing a way to make many API requests with one command, one for each file matching the PATH pattern or directory. This option will become ubiquitous soon, and be available for all commands that already support –payloads.

  • Deprecated option payload-dir. The old options will still work for now, but are hidden.



  • New subcommand network-services refresh

  • Updated service-plans to support new options --min|max-sockets for Min/Max Sockets and --min|max-cores-per-socket for Min/Max cores per socket


  • Fixed instances add issue with Resource Pool input always requiring a pool- prefix.

  • Fixed curl -XPOST --data option not including the passed JSON data in the request.



  • Updated command tasks execute and workflows execute to support the new Instance Label and Server Label options. They also will now prompt for the context and target if –instances or –hosts are not passed

  • Updated command jobs execute to support new Instance Label and Server Label options

  • Lowered the default refresh interval from 10 to 5 seconds for commands jobs execute, tasks execute, workflows execute, apps apply, instances apply

  • Updated catalog to support Quantity

  • Updated service-plans options --min-storage and --max-storage label to ‘Total Storage’ and to always be in GB


  • Fixed process and jobs table wrapping due to output and error values containing newlines.

  • Fixed instances add requiring Resource Pool selection when provision type does not require it.



  • New command resource-pool-groups for managing resource pool groups

  • New command key-pairs generate for generating key pairs

  • New command network-floating-ips for managing floating ips

  • New commands containers attach-floating-ip|detach-floating-ip for container floating ip management

  • Updated clusters add to prompt for Floating IP

  • Updated apps remove, instances remove, and catalog remove to support option --release-ips [on|off]. This replaces --releaseEIPs, which still exists as a hidden option. The CLI still sends both API parameters to accomadate new and older versions of the API.

  • Updated appliance-settings get|set for new setting Stats Retainment Period

  • Updated catalog and self-service for better support of the workflow item type.


  • Fixed roles update-global-*-access commands to allow access value custom, which is still needed with API versions before 5.5.2.

  • Fixed apps get error seen with apps containing multiple tiers

  • Fixed tasks execute and workflows execute not supporting the --quiet option to suppress output


  • Fixed catalog add prompting for option types out of order and not prompting for config options with dependent fields

  • Fixed login prompt echoing password input after hitting enter (only seen on certain environments)


  • New command network-server-groups for managing network server groups

  • New command guidance-settings for managing guidance settings

  • New command monitor-settings for managing monitoring settings

  • New subcommands appliance-settings toggle-maintenance|reindex for exeucuting admin utilities

  • Updated self-service get to display catalog item Visibility and Layout Code


  • Fixed instances resize and hosts resize volume size prompt using plan instead of current volume size by default



  • New subcommands instances schedules|add-schedule|get-schedule|update-schedule|remove-schedule for managing instance scaling schedules

  • Updated instances scaling to display scaling schedules

  • Renamed instances scaling-update to instances update-scaling and added support for option --threshold ID to use a source threshold scaling template.

  • New subcommands containers clone-image|import for cloning and importing container images

  • Updated containers (all commands) to support the standard request and output options

  • New subcommand hosts restart

  • New subcommand clusters apply-template


  • Fixed hosts resize Plan default value not being set to the current plan

  • Fixed lots of ruby warnings as a result of new unit tests


  • Fix roles list-permissions error


  • Fix man error



  • New command security-packages for managing Security Packages

  • New command security-scans for managing Security Scans

  • New command plugins for managing Plugins

  • Updated roles permission access go along with system changes for the new default access and deprecation of “custom” value

  • New subcommands roles update-task-access|update-workflow-access to manage RBAC for task and workflows

  • Updated users get to add missing types of access such as --report-types and --vdi-pools

  • Updated lots of commands with --labels x,y,z to adding/updating Labels and filtering on them

  • Updated networks and network-pools for IPv6 support

  • Updated networks add|update to support domain name instead of ID only eg. --network

  • Updated networks add|update to support new option --search-domains to set Search Domains

  • Updated network-pool-servers to go along with API updates

  • Updated library-instance-types and library-layouts to support --price-sets [LIST] to set Price Sets association

  • Updated tasks to support Visibility

  • New subcommands clients add|update|remove for managing custom oauth clients

  • New subcommands integrations list-inventory|get-inventory|update-inventory for managing Ansible Tower inventory permissions

  • New subcommands clouds update-logo|update-dark-logo for managing custom logo icons

  • New subcommands library-instance-types update-dark-logo for managing custom dark logo icons

  • Updated curl to no longer use the system command so that it works on Windows now and also supports common remote options like –fields, –select, –yaml, etc.

  • Updated clouds remove to support new option --remove-resources

  • Updated user-settings update to support new option --theme darkMode for managing a user’s UI theme


  • Fixed clouds add not prompting for correct credential types for amazon/azure/google/softlayer

  • Fixed instance resize service plan options for Openstack

  • Fixed library-node-types update --scripts 1,2,3 so it errors if an invalid script ID is passed

  • Fixed service-plans add|update so that it allows passing 0 for max storage and memory

  • Fixed archives list-files bucket:/file/path error

  • Fixed security-groups add-location not prompting for customOptions based on type

  • Fixed apps add so includes a defaultCloud parameter for other terraform/helm/arm blueprint types

  • Fixed instances add -t oraclecloud not prompting for Availability Domain

  • Fixed monitor-alerts --apps x,y,z causing an error


  • Fix price-sets list error seen with new price types

This version corresponds to the release of the Morpheus API version 5.4.9.


  • Updated library-node-types add|update to support new option --evars name=value,name=value

  • Updated clusters update to support new options --api-token TEXT and --managed [on|off]


  • Fix instances add -t azure not prompting for azure marketplace publisher/offer/sku/version.

  • Fix virtual-images add -t azure-reference error when prompting for image.

  • Fix library-node-types add --templates LIST being passed as scripts instead of templates

  • Fix users passwd error when rendering result

  • Fixed deployments add-version inconsistent input prompting


  • Fixed clouds add getting stuck at username prompt seen for type VMware


  • Fixed clouds add getting stuck at username prompt seen for type VMware


  • Fixed clouds add error seen for type VMware related to new option type for credentials



  • New command scale-thresholds for managing Scale Thresholds

  • New subcommand clusters upgrade-cluster to support MKS upgrade version upgrades

  • Updated roles add and roles update to support updating any role permission and global access level such as --permissions CODE=ACCESS,CODE=ACCESS, --global-group-access ACCESS, --instance-types CODE=ACCESS,CODE=ACCESS, etc.

  • Updated clouds refresh to add new support options --mode costing --period 202206 --rebuild

  • Updated tasks add to prompt for credential

  • Updated library-option-types (inputs) to support new “Verify Pattern” property

  • CLI prompting for option type inputs now validates the verifyPattern regex pattern by matching it against the entire user input value

  • Updated library-node-types add|update to support new option --ports NAME=PORT,NAME=PORT

  • Updated hosts remove, clusters remove and clusters remove-worker to display a different success message that indicates when approval is required and the cluster/worker removal is now pending approval

  • Updated load-balancers get with Price and Provider ID and removed SSL columns. Also tweaked load-balancers add as well

  • Updated clusters to remove deprecated option --display-name and property Display Name

  • Updated clusters to use the integrated credential option type to use a stored credential

  • Updated resource-pools to support Display Name property


  • Fix library-node-types get --curl causing an error

  • Fix issue with prompting for some option types (inputs) that have config.multiSelect: true to support multiple values

  • Fix clouds refresh --mode costing --rebuild error

  • Fix invoices line-items-list --all --wrap still truncating Item ID

  • Fixed user-sources add so that --tenant is no longer required and is also prompted for, also Default Role prompt works with ID or Authority now, also SAML type inputs are prompted for such as those under the SAML SSO Configuration and Role Mappings sections



  • Updated clouds add to prompt for credential

  • Updated tasks add to prompt for credential

  • Updated library-option-lists add to prompt for credential

  • Updated clouds add to prompt for “Automatically Power VMs” (autoRecoverPowerState)


  • Fixed cypher get not displaying data for responses that do not have a cypher item.

  • Fixed prices add --currency so it uses the most recent list of supported currencies.

  • Fixed view cloud [id] error


  • Fixed man error



  • New commands apps state to view state information for Terraform apps

  • Updated command apps apply to prompt for template parameters, use new validate-apply endpoint and also refresh until apply is complete

  • New commands instances apply and instances state for Terraform instance types

  • Updated command clusters add to support --tags and --labels options


  • Fixed catalog add issue that caused option type list prompts to not work correctly

  • Fixed clusters add issue with nodeCount parameter being required at server level too


  • Fixed catalog add issue loading option lists values, optionTypeId={id} was not being included


  • Fixed instances clone-image error due to vmwareFolders options source url change



  • New command credentials to manage Credential objects

  • Updated power-schedules to support more granular times with HH:MM format (requires api 5.4.4)

  • New subcommands clusters update-worker-count|remove-worker to change the number of workers or remove a specific worker

  • Updated self-service to support new option --dark-logo


  • Fixed instances add|resize prompting for root volume size when provision type does not support customization


  • Fixed instances add error seen when plan has customizable memory but no default value defined



  • Updated command instances add and instances resize to prompt for plan customizations: Core Count, Cores Per Socket and Memory

  • Updated ping and remote add to handle the API requiring authentication to retrieve buildVersion

  • Updated remote get to no longer display Appliance URL since it is no longer returned

  • Updated virtual-images list to support new option --synced and updated help to note “Default list applies User filter”

  • Updated library-instance-types list to support new option --featured

  • New command snapshots to manage Snapshots

  • Removed command instances remove-snapshot. This has been replaced with snapshots remove


  • Fixed instances clone-image to prompt for Folder when required (VMware)

  • Fixed networks handing of displayName

  • Fixed tasks add Retry Delay not persisting

  • Fixed clusters add prompt for combo and docker types

  • Fixed tasks get showing Script content incorrectly for Libray Script type



  • Updated command load-balancers to bring it up to date with the UI functionality

  • New command load-balancer-monitors to manage Load Balancer Monitors

  • New command load-balancer-pools to manage Load Balancer Pools

  • New command load-balancer-profiles to manage Load Balancer Profiles

  • Remove deprecated commands integrations add-object|get-object|list-objects|remove-object


  • Fixed image-builder add issue with Preseed Script being required instead of optional

  • Fixed clusters add issue with template parameters



  • New command storage-servers to manage Storage Servers.

  • New command storage-volumes to manage Storage Volumes.

  • New command view to open appliance resources in a web browser.

  • New subcommands instances refresh|apply to plan and apply terraform instance types


  • Fixed clusters add issue with template parameters



  • New command network-edge-clusters to manage Network Edge Clusters.

  • New command network-dhcp-servers to manage Network DHCP Servers.

  • New command network-dhcp-relays to manage Network DHCP Relays.

  • New subcommands roles update-global-report-type-access|update-report-type-access to manage role report type access

  • New subcommand health export-logs to download the appliance logs file



  • Updated clouds list|get to display Region Code

  • Updated instances clone to prompt to keep existing metadata tags before adding new ones

  • Updated instances add|clone changing the metadata parameter name to tags. The api has supported this since 5.0, when the response was renamed from metadata to tags


  • Fixed library-option-lists add --initialDataset "[]" error caused by the parameter being converted to JSON instead of leaving it as a string

  • Fixed invoices list --totals causing an error related to currency display

  • Fixed networks add issue causing it to get stuck on Parent Network prompt

  • Fixed networks add Network Pool prompt to be a select input

  • Fixed subnets add error seen with Azure type

  • Fixed virtual-images list so types are preloaded before output begins



  • Updated invoices to correspond with the 5.3 api to show invoice Currency and render amounts using the invoice source currency symbol.

  • Updated library-cluster-layouts to support Install Docker option


  • Updated dependency bundler version to ~> 2.2

  • Fixed issue with clusters and the resource pool option type dependencies


  • Fixed issue with instances resize -N -O dataVolume1.action=resize -O dataVolume1.size=42 not applying changes to payload as expected.


  • Fixed issues with instances resize, -N would cause -O dataVolume1=42 to go unapplied, also made current plan the default selection and stopped rootVolume and dataVolume1 from being injected into the payload.


  • Updated networks and network-routers command for use with NSX-V and NSX-T requires api 5.2.9 or 5.3.3

  • New command load-balancer-types command (replaces old load-balancers types command)

  • Update tenants remove to support new option –remove-resources

  • Deprecated commands log-settings enable_integration|disable_integration|remove_integration. The old options will still work for now, but are hidden.


  • Fixed issue with some hidden commands still showing up in the manual and help output.

  • Fixed issue with some option types that use the visibleOnCode property.



  • Changed library-option-lists get command to no longer display items by default, new option –items is available to load and display option list items. The 5.3.2 API changed to no longer return listItems


  • Changed invoices command to display Prices instead of Costs by default.

  • New subcommands integrations list-objects|get-object|add-object|remove-object to fully manage ServiceNow integration exposed objects.


  • Fixed issue with APIClient not respecting the setting :verify_ssl => false. This involved quite a bit of grooming to cleanup all the interface instantiation throughout used in the CLI commands.

  • Fixed URI.escape is obsolete deprecation warning.



  • New command integrations to fully manage integrations.

  • New command vdi-pools to support VDI Pool management.

  • New command vdi to support VDI persona.

  • Updated roles to support VDI Pool settings.

  • New command certificates to manage SSL certificates.

  • New option –select x,y,z for outputing only value(s). eg. instances get Test –select id or instances list –select id –newline ” “.

  • New option –delim [CHAR] and option –newline [CHAR] for get and list commands.

  • Deprecated options –csv-delim and –csv-newline, use –delimiter and –newline instead. The old options will still work for now, but are hidden.

  • Updated user-settings get to display Default Group, Default Cloud, 2FA Enabled, and Desktop Background.

  • Updated user-settings update to support first class options for all the settings, including –avatar FILE.

  • Update instances list to support new option –type CODE

  • Update instances list to support new option –environment CODE requires api 5.3.1

  • Updated reports exports to not require –format csv if the specified filename ends in .csv, now it is done automatically.

  • New command hosts software-sync


  • Fixed output of the –curl option for content types other than json, such as application/x-www-form-urlencoded and multipart/form-data. eg. output now uses -d for each parameter and -F ‘user.avatar=@filepath for file uploads.

  • Fixed error seen with instances list –fields id,name,status


  • Fixed networks add –description

  • Fixed network-domains add –type

  • Fixed reports view


  • Fixed invoices list --cloud CLOUD causing an error


  • Fixed service-plans add error that would occur when prompting for resource permissions without multi tenancy



  • Updated invoices refresh -c CLOUD to have less options to correspond with the 5.3 api, which now always runs the hourly and daily costing jobs for the specified clouds for the current period. The option --date=YYYY-MM-DD allows processing invoices for a previous period (month).

  • Updated dashboard and activity list to hide Resource column by default, --details will still display it.

  • Updated execution-request execute to refresh every 5 seconds by default, instead of 30.


  • Fixed --all-fields and --csv output so that objects are rendered in JSON format instead of Ruby format.

  • Fixed remove current displaying Name value wrapped in "

This marks a shift in CLI version scheme. The CLI version is changing to match the semantic version of Morpheus appliance, so that the first 3 numbers will correspond to the appliance version release, and a fourth number will be used for CLI fixes that do not correspond to a release of the appliance.


  • Update invoices command to parse lineItemCount because lineItems is no longer returned with invoices list


  • Fix option --max -1, since the server supports this, CLI also now supports -m all which pass max=-1 in the request.

  • Fix option --sort x,y,z to allow multiple fields since some endpoints now support this.



  • Fixed projects list -m not working



  • New command dashboard

  • Update library-option-lists to display and prompt for Help Block

  • Update history usage to support arguments as [search] phrase

  • Update jobs list-executions to support new option --internal

  • Update budgets to support custom periods and new option --costs LIST replaces --q1, --january, etc.


  • Fixed curl [URL] --out /tmp/outfile.json not writing to file


This version corresponds to the release of the Morpheus API versions 5.2.1 and 4.2.5.


  • Renamed option for instances [add|update] --metadata LIST to --tags LIST. The API now expects tags: [{"name":"color","value":"blue"}] and Labels is now called labels instead of tags.

  • New option instances update --add-tags LIST, --remove-tags LIST, --remove-tags LIST to manage tags on instances.

  • New option hosts update --tags LIST, --add-tags LIST, --remove-tags LIST to manage tags on servers.


  • Fixed instances snapshots not showing Description correctly

  • Fixed instances instances add --payload /path/to/payload.json --group GROUP not applying group on top of payload.


This version corresponds to the release of the Morpheus API version 5.2.0.


  • New command catalog for Service Catalog Persona: View catalog and manage inventory

  • New command self-service for Self Service: View and manage catalog item types

  • New option instances list -a as alias for --details

  • New option apps list -a as alias for --details

  • Updated library-option-types get to display associated Option List

  • New option virtual-images update --tags LIST, --add-tags LIST, --remove-tags LIST to manage tags on virtual images.



  • Fixed groups list --csv not outputting groups as rows


This version corresponds to the release of the Morpheus API version 4.2.4.


  • New command search that provides global search.

  • New command forgot that provides forgot password email and reset.

  • Updated deployments list|add to show more information and prompt for inputs.

  • New subcommands deployments list-versions|add-version|remove-version for managing Deployment Versions

  • New subcommands deployments upload|remove-file for managing Deployment Version Files.

  • New command deploys for full management of instance deploys, including deploy of a new version to an instance with deploys add

  • Enhancments for deploy command for using a morpheus.yml to creat a deployment, version and deploy it to an instance.

  • Updated instances list to support new options --tags Name=Value and --labels label

  • Updated hosts list to support new option --tags Name=Value

  • Renamed option --metadata to --tags. old option still exists as a hidden option. The api still expects metadata: [{"name":"color","value":"blue"}]

  • Updated several list commands to support search [phrase] as arguments 0-N instead of using -s [phrase]. This includes instances list, hosts list,tasks list, logs list, health logs. All commands should support this alternative soon.

  • Updated virtual-images add to prompt for options required with type: Azure Reference. Prompts to search Azure Marketplace for publisher / offer and sku / version.

  • Updated curl to support -j as an alias for -p (pretty JSON)

  • Prompt for input type code-editor does not require user to tpe EOF any longer, just hit return.

  • Hide options --timeout and --header since these are global options for any api request commands.

  • Updated whoami output to display user ID first, and include Remote

  • Updated hosts list and hosts get output to display status the same as instances and apps.

  • Updated hosts list options: changed -a to -a, --details, renamed -a, --account to --tenant.


  • Fix errors seen with deploy command.

  • Fix error seen with virtual-image get [id]

  • Deprecated setup init. This was removed some time ago, but wa still documented as a known subcommand. This command was renamed to just setup.

  • Grooming of man content to bring it up to date.


This version corresponds to the release of the Morpheus API version 5.0.0.


  • New subcommand roles update-global-catalog-item-type-access

  • New subcommand roles update-catalog-item-type-access

  • New subcommand roles update-persona-access

  • Updated roles get|add|update for Default Persona

  • Updated user-settings get|update for Default Persona

  • New command usage list



  • Updated resource-pools add-ip to support --next-free-ip instead of always requiring [ip] to be passed

  • Change curl --data option to set header Content-Type: application/json by default


  • Fix service-plans add showing no available price sets

  • Fix jobs add --task causing missing jobType error

  • Fix jobs add for --workflow when option type is required, now prompts for optionTypes to populate customOptions object.

  • Fix curl --header 'Foo: bar not working



  • Fix budgets add error during prompting.

  • Fix tenants add error during prompting.



  • Updated resouce-pools update to support --default-pool [on|off] option.


  • Fix library-instance-types add --option-types [x,y,z] not working correctly.



  • Updated tasks execute to not require the -a flag.

  • Updated projects commands to support --find-by-name flag for finding projects with names that look like ids.


  • Fix process event status COMPLETE displaying yellow instead of green.



  • Fix error seen installing previous version on Windows, related to loading new RestInterface class



  • Updated security-groups to display the Active flag and it can be updated with --active [on|off].

  • Updated invoices list to display Tags and allow filtering with --tags Foo=Bar --tags Hello=World


  • Fixed instances update --group not working.



  • Updated invoices command to support new option --sig and some other tweaks to the way data is displayed.



  • library-option-types add support for --exportMeta to Export as Tag.


  • Fixed tasks add add --no-prompt still prompting for Content Ref. This fixes spec-templates add as well.

  • Fix library-option-types add and update support for the -O option.



  • Fixed login -T always resulting in Token not valid error.



  • Improved logs list output, the message output will flex to the width of the terminal and show more than one line, also new option --table is available. This also impacts health logs , instances logs, etc.


  • Fixed remote add --insecure not working.


This version corresponds to the release of the Morpheus API version 4.2.1.


  • Fixed several issues with invoices.



  • Fixed ping resulting in an error when used on older appliances. Now it falls back to use /api/setup/check instead of erroring.

  • Fixed remote setup error and also improved error handling for setup --remote-url with an insecure url.



  • Prompt for credentials by default, instead of erroring. This was the behavior a long time ago, and now it is once again.

  • Improved output of remote list and remote get

  • Changed remote get to refresh status and version by default, can use option --offline to avoid this.

  • Changed remote get to work like remote current when called with 0 arguments

  • New subcommand remote version.

  • New subcommand remote view.

  • New command setup that works like remote setup

  • New command ping that works like remote check

  • New command activity that works like recent-activity

  • Deprecated recent-activity

  • Updated instances command renaming options --created-by to --owner

  • Updated apps command to show Owner.

  • Updated blueprints command to support Owner.

  • Updated blueprints and apps command to show more information.

  • Updated invoices list -c CLOUD so that name can be passed instead of just id.

  • New option apps update --owner.

  • Removed deprecated command instances update-notes.

  • New subcommand library-layouts update-permissions.

  • Changed the way role permission access values displayed, so they look more like a grid and full is green, while other values are cyan.

Some of these enhancements require remote version 4.2.1 to behave properly.


  • Fixed error seen with instances import-snapshot

  • Fixed instances add payload duplicating plan.

  • Grooming of help info for instances, apps and blueprints.

  • Fixed --quiet option still printing a newline.

  • Fixed issues with --remote-url option, it could cause errors or otherwise behave incorrectly.

  • Fixed issue with instances add using the wrong version when specified with -O layout=ID instead of --layout ID

  • Fix library-layouts get ID 404 error incorrectly saying ‘Instance Type not found’

  • Fix clouds add not merging -O options into the payload

  • Fixed invoices cost display issues


Does not exist, skipped release 4.2.9 in favor of calling it 4.2.10



  • New option workflows list --type.


  • Fix apps add including -O networkInterface options when the blueprint has that field locked. This fixes potential serverside error ‘ip address required’.

  • Fix users permissions error when using older appliance versions.

Some of these enhancements require remote version 4.2.1 to behave properly.



  • New options --wrap and --all-fields for all list commands.

  • New option remote check --all that works just like remote check-all.

  • New option curl -v.

  • Updated command groups current to support --remote option.

  • Updated command apps add Environment prompt to be a select instead of text.

  • Updated command apps add Environment prompt to be a select instead of text.

  • Updated apps list and apps get to display Environment

  • Changed No records found messages to be cyan instead of yellow.

  • New option --can-manage for security-groups add/update.

  • Changed workflows get to just show TASK ID in the tasks list, and no longer display ID (‘taskSetTaskId’).

  • Renamed ‘Tags’ to ‘Labels’ in instances get

  • Renamed option --tags to --labels for instances add.

  • Added options --labels and --metadata to instances add

  • Updated command users permissions and users get --all to show all access. requires api 4.2.1

  • Updated command whitelabel-settings to support --account option. requires api 4.2.1

  • New subcommand clouds refresh. requires api 4.2.1

  • New command guidance. requires api 4.2.1

Some of these enhancements require remote version 4.2.1 to behave properly.


  • Fix apps add not using blueprint values for layout,plan,networks,volumes,etc.

  • Fix apps add not printing some error messages eg. ‘name must be unique’.

  • Fix instances add --security-groups causing invalid argument error.

  • Fix instances add infinite name must be unique error when --no-prompt is used.

  • Fix passwd extraneous output ‘args is’.

4.2.4 - 4.2.6


  • Fixes for new invoices command.



  • Updated command invoices to show more info and make --raw-data an option.


  • Fixed clouds add groups dropdown being limited to 25.

  • Fixed multiselect option types not working when passed in eg. --tenants "one, two"



  • New command invoices


  • Fixed instances add requiring Library permission to fetch layout.

  • Fixed instances add requiring Clouds permission to fetch datastores.

  • Fixed instances add potential 500 error when retrieving datastores.



  • New subcommand service-plans activate


  • Fixed 404 error when fetching layout seen when pointing at appliance versions older than 4.2. This change is to use /library instead of /libray/instance-types when for those resources.


This version corresponds to the release of the Morpheus API version 4.2.


  • New command network-routers

  • New option networks add --group

  • New options tasks add --source --url for task types that supporting file-content instead of script content. ie. Groovy and Python

  • Updated command tasks get with improved output format.

  • New command library-spec-templates

  • Updated commands library-option-types, library-option-lists by adding , library-scripts, and library-file-templates with prompting and standard option support.

  • New option library-instance-types add --option-types [x,y,z].

  • New option clusters add --worker-count N and clusters add-worker -n N

  • New option service-plans update --active.

  • Updated jobs add to support --schedule datetime --datetime DATE.

  • New option instances add --ports ARRAY and prompting for exposed ports.


  • Fixed tasks update --payload not being supported.

  • Fixed prices add and price-sets add prompts to match -O options

  • Fixed library-cluster-layouts add prompts to match -O options

  • Fixed cypher put not respecting --key and --value options



  • Fixed service-plans deactivate missing confirmation prompt.


This version corresponds to the release of the Morpheus API version 4.1.2.


  • New command appliance-settings

  • New command provisioning-settings

  • New command whitelabel-settings

  • New command log-settings

  • New command approvals

  • New command budgets

  • New command health

  • New command service-plans

  • New command prices

  • New command price-sets

  • Updated command logs output format to match more closely with the UI. This includes logs list, instances logs, apps logs, etc.

  • Updated command cypher put to support more flexible format and store secret values as a string or object. Default TTL is now unlimited (0.)

  • Updated command workflows add to create operational workflows, associate option types and to prompt for inputs.

  • New subcommands workflows execute and tasks execute.

  • Updated prompting to support dependsOnCode option type setting. This improves prompting for commands like instances add where irrelevant or duplicate option prompts could be seen.


  • Fixed an error seen on Windows with select prompting.

  • Fixed shell prompt still having ansi coloring with shell -C and after coloring off.

  • Fixed issue with -r [remote] still using the previous remote’s active group for instances add, clusters add, apps add.

  • Fixed issue with the -F, --fields not excluding keys outside of the object scope. eg. meta: {...}.



  • Fixed issue with monitor commands such as mute and mute-all displaying ‘Unmuted…’ instead of ‘Muted…’.

  • Fixed issue with remote-url option causing ‘wrong number of arguments’ error.



  • Updated security-groups add and security-groups update to support the options --tenants, --group-access and --visibility.


  • Fixed issue with subnets get -j causing an error.

  • Renamed servers install-agent to servers make-managed and added support for option --install-agent off.

  • Fixed issue with instances actions causing an error.



  • New command subnets for managing network subnets. This replaces the commands that were named networks *-subnets.


  • Fixed issue with security-groups get not displaying anything.

  • Fixed issue with extra “Unexpected Error” being printed some typical errors.



  • New format for -S, --sort ORDER Sort Order. DIRECTION may be included as “ORDER [asc|desc]”. Example: instances list -S "dateCreated desc"

  • New command clusters list-datastores|get-datastore|add-datastore for managing cluster datastores. Requires appliance version 4.2.0

  • New subcommand monitor-incidents add. Requires appliance version 4.2.0

  • New command appliance-settings. Requires appliance version 4.2.0

  • New command monitor-alerts. Requires appliance version 4.1.1

  • Improved commands monitor-contacts add, monitor-checks, monitor-groups and monitor-apps by adding prompting.


  • Fixed roles update to support the --payload option.

  • Fixed issue with instances logs, containers logs, etc displaying records in the reverse order. Changed to match the UI.

  • Fixed instances view and apps view only allowing one [instance] argument.



  • Fix issue with blueprints add-instance that would not allow multiple instances of the same type for a tier.

  • Fix issue with blueprints add-instance-config not prompting for Group, and instance can now be specified by name or index instead of just type.



  • Fix issue with instances clone that would result in a ‘Cloud not found’ error when trying to use a shared/public cloud.

  • Fixed an error that could be seen with select options having an Integer default value.



  • Improved APIClient so that is easier to use. See APIClient.



  • Fix issue with resource-pools add resulting in no Group and Plan access. Now it passes resourcePermissions.all=true by default.



  • New command clusters

  • New command networks list-subnets|get-subnet|etc for managing network subnets.

  • New option user-settings --user-id for managing other users tokens,etc.

  • Updated roles add and roles update to support the --payload option.

  • New subcommand containers logs

  • Select option prompts that have just one value are no longer skipped, and will now be seen with the only option selected as the default value.


  • Fix issue with library-option-lists update not allowing arbitrary -O options.

  • Fix error seen with library-node-type remove.


  • Fix issue with instances history-event breaking when an event had an error to display.



  • New command wiki

  • New subcommands network-pools list-ips|get-ip|etc for managing network pool IPs

  • New subcommands network-domains list-records|get-record|etc for managing network network domain records.

  • Changed --refresh default interval to 30 seconds, instead of 5.



  • Fix issue with virtual-images add to send imageType ‘vmdk’ instead of ‘vmware’.

  • Fix issue with monitor-apps get and monitor-groups get displaying Open Incidents as json



  • Fix issue with instances suspend passing server=true



  • Fix issue with instances start-service passing server=true



  • Fix issue with download/export commands that use arrays as query parameter values



  • Hide new wiki command until 4.0



  • Fixed issue with instances add -O instanceContext option not being included in payload

  • Fixed issue with access refresh-token



  • New command reports

  • New command instances view

  • New option instances add --environment

  • New option networks list -c [cloud]

  • Improved instances clone prompting

  • New command environments

  • New command wiki


  • Fixed issue with instances scaling

  • Fixed issue with recent-activity data parameters

  • Fix issue with library-node-types update specifying atleast one option error with -O

  • Fixed issue with remote list name column not being wide enough.

  • Fixed tenants commands missing support for --dry-run, etc

  • Fixed issue with library-container-types add needing -O containerType.config={}


  • Deprecated instances firewall-enable and firewall-disable which have been recently deprecated in the api.



  • Fixed error seen with instances resize again



  • Fixed error seen with instances resize



  • New command resource-pools

  • New command resource-folders

  • Updates to command security-groups for rule and location management.


  • Fixed issue with instances add requiring Resource Pool when there are none available.


  • Deprecated security-group-rules, replaced by security-groups get|add-rule|remove-rule



  • Updated networks add to have options for Network Domain and Proxy settings.



  • Fixed issue with library-node-types add error generating ‘Sorry, no options were found for provision type’ for some types.



  • Fixed issue with apps add --blueprint prompting for values that are already set in the config.

  • Fixed issue with apps add --blueprint -N erroring with message about ‘rootVolume.storageType’ being required.

  • Fixed issue with apps add -N erroring with message about ‘Version’ being required.



  • Fixed issue with curl --insecure option having the typo ‘inescure’.

  • Fixed issue with --curl option output, copy + paste + enter not working, due to trailing ansi reset character.



  • Fixed issue with instances add for Nutanix clouds not prompting for Datastore for volumes.

  • Fixed issue with instances add --layout causing HTTP 500 error



  • Updated alias to allow [command] to be an expression.

  • New option morpheus -e to execute an expression. This works just like morpheus shell -e.

  • New option benchmark exec -n to run many iterations and print the average duration.


  • Fixed issue with some commands exiting 0 when an error occurs.

  • Fixed issue with apps add where JSON errors were not rendered nicely.

  • Fixed issue with hosts get ID making a redundant api request.



  • New command apps count

  • Added options to instances count and hosts count

  • New command hosts types to list all server types via API. Required appliance version 3.6.2


  • Removed command hosts server-types [cloud]. This has been replaced with hosts types -c [cloud].


  • Fixed issue with apps list having an extra newline in the output.



  • Fixed issue with apps add --validate not displaying some errors, such as ‘name: must be unique’.



  • Updated instances list to display a CREATED BY column.



  • Fixed history command some more.



  • Fixed history command behavior.



  • Fixed monitor-incidents list --status and --severity options.

  • Fixed monitor-checks mute Unexpected Error



  • Fixed groups use causing unexpected error. This error was NOT seen when inside a morpheus shell, and likely impacted other commands too.



  • New options instances list --details to Display more details: memory and storage usage used / max values. apps and hosts have this option too.

  • New option tenants update --active [on|off]


  • Fixed tenants update -O not working.



  • Improved table display by preventing table wrapping. Only the columns that fit the terminal width will be displayed. This is enabled by default. If you want to see columns that are hidden because of terminal width, you can use --all-fields or --fields x,y,z option.

  • Removed the table_print gem as a dependency.

  • Changed usage of tenants groups list -a [account] to tenants groups list [tenant].

  • Improved history command. All prior commands are viewable now, instead of only the last 1000. History recording is now supported on Windows.


  • Fixed history on Windows only displaying commands from current shell session.

  • Fixed clouds types error.



  • Improved history command to support standard search -s and sort -S options.

  • Changed debug command to work the same as debug on. The same goes for coloring.


  • Removed extraneous debugging output with cypher put.

  • Changed cypher put to put ttl in the query params and not the JSON payload.


  • Improved process list, process get, instances history and apps history by truncating output by default. The new option --details can be used to see everything.

  • New option process list --app for filtering by app(s).


  • Fixed cypher put so that it skips the ‘overwrite’ confirmation prompt if the key does not exist already. It makes a list request beforehand to check if the key exists.

  • Fix apps security-groups-apply causing Unexpected Error

  • Fixed issue history command itself being logged consecutive times in the command history list.

  • Fixed man -gq not being quiet

  • Fixed a few help docs.


  • Fixed versioning to match current morpheus appliance version: 3.6.1. Hopefully this avoid some confusion.



  • Finished adding support for --curl, --timeout and --header to all commands that should have it.

  • Removed default 30 second timeout for POST and PUT api requests. Only GET requests will use the default 30 second timeout. The new option --timeout gives users a workaround as well.


  • Fixed whoami --dry-run causing error.


  • Removed command app-templates. This has been deprecated and hidden since it was replaced with blueprints.



This release has so much!

  • Updated cypher command for simplified cypher key management. (requires appliance 3.6.0-2) The previous command that consumes the old cypher API is still available as the hidden command old-cypher. Please update your usage accordingly.

  • Improved login. Refresh tokens are now stored with credentials to support refreshing.

  • New command access-token that behaves like whoami -t

  • New command access-token refresh.

  • Updated whoami to

  • New command login --test for testing credentials without updating the your session.

  • New command passwd for changing passwords.

  • New command benchmark to run adhoc benchmark tests for a command or series of commands. Also provides [on|off] commands to control the global benchmarking flag while in a shell.

  • New option -B or --benchmark to print output about how long it took to run a command and the exit status.

  • New option --remote-url for transient login with any command.

  • New option -U or --username for transient login with any command.

  • New option -P or --password for transient login with any command.

  • Removed the short option -B from the --keep-backups option.

  • New option --curl for doing a dry run that outputs a curl command that can be copy and pasted.

  • New option --header to add extra headers to api requests.

  • New option --timeout to use a custom timeout to api requests.

  • note: --header, --curl and --timeout support is limited at the moment. It supported by a few several common commands eg. instances and apps. All will support it soon.

  • Renamed accounts to tenants. The old command still exists, though it will be deprecated in the future. Please update your scripts to use tenants.

  • Updated alias command to improve help output and usability.

  • Updated --dry-run output format to improve readability and usability. It prints DRY RUN right away, before prompting, etc.

  • Updated command roles get output to remove deprecated ‘Role Instance Limits’ settings. Also, moved global settings to details section to improve readability.

  • Updated command users get output to remove deprecated ‘Instance Limits’ settings.

  • New option --thin for less bulky headers and tables. At the moment, support for this is…thin. A few popular commands fully support it eg. instances.

  • Changed time format to no longer display the timezone ISO code. This was taking up extra space on some already too-wide tables. We can add a timezone setting to the cli soon.


  • Fix groups list missing support for --dry-run



  • Fix issue with custom shell prompts not showing username after logging in.



  • Fix issue with apps status displaying empty instead of PROVISIONING.



  • Fix issue with instances start support of -y option.



  • Updated instances stop|start|restart|etc to accept multiple instance arguments.

  • Updated hosts stop|start to accept multiple host arguments.

  • Added confirmation to instances start, and support of Auto Confirm -y option.

  • Added confirmation to hosts start, and support of Auto Confirm -y option.



  • Updated apps add to merge blueprints into payload and prompt for instance configuration.

  • New option apps add --validate to only validate without creating.

  • Replaced apps add --config options with standard --payload options.

  • Replaced blueprints add --config options with standard --payload options.

  • Updated blueprints add to prompt for type.

  • New commands apps stop|start|restart

  • New option --payload-dir for all commands supporting --payload.

  • New option --prompt for all commands supporting --options.


  • Fix issue with apps add not showing useful error messages.



  • Fix issue with apps add not including -O options



  • Fix issue with run-workflow requiring parameters



  • Fix issue with archives upload timing out for large files



  • New commands monitor-checks mute-all


  • Fix issue with roles update-cloud-access when group has to be specified

  • Fix issue with roles update --multitenant off



  • New command blueprints to replace app-templates. The old command still exists, though it will be deprecated in the future.

  • New command instances history

  • New command instances exec

  • New command user-settings

  • New command process

  • New command execution-request

  • Change instances add --workflow to support Name or ID

  • New filter option tasks list --types

  • New filter option servers list --account. Servers finds records for all tenants by default for master tenant users.

  • New command roles update-global-blueprint-access and roles update-blueprint-access

  • New command hosts update


  • Fix cloud status display not showing DISABLED.

  • Fix issue with --refresh-until [status] never stopping.

  • Fix issue with --nocolor not resetting between shell commands

  • Fix issue with remote add always asking for login credentials twice.




  • Updates to instances list and instances get to consume new api format for stats and load balancer data (no longer need to stitch together)

  • New options for instances update to update metadata, power schedule, and group

  • Renamed storage-providers to storage-buckets to correspond with API changes.

  • The --remove-volumes option has been replaced with --preserve-volumes to correspond with API changes.

  • login now prints ‘Logged in to %remote as %username’ on success

  • New option --refresh-until [status] for instances get, apps get and servers get.


  • Fix error output for whoami -T [token] -j


  • Renamed power-scheduling to power-schedules and mapped to new api endpoint

  • Added new command execute-schedules

  • Added new option curl --pretty

  • Updated curl [url] to allow an absolute URL to allow easier copy and pasting


  • Fixed issue with shell log-level being saved for subsequent commands when using --debug while in a shell

  • Fixed some errors seen with power schedules


  • Fixed issue with storage-providers add -t rackspace



  • New command cypher for managing cypher keys

  • Updated library-option-lists to support the Source Headers settings

  • Updated storage-providers file browser commands

  • Updated clouds to display the Enabled setting

  • Updated set-prompt to no longer reset to terminal default colors for input. Append %reset to your prompt string to keep that behavior.


  • instances update should allow any option with -O


  • Allow removing tasks still in use with tasks remove --force


  • Fixes for virtual-images add

New Dependencies

  • Ruby version >= 2.3 is now required. This is for the http gem.


  • Improve performance of virtual-images add

  • Improve performance of virtual-images add


  • Allow task phase to specified for workflows add --tasks

  • Fix error seen with whoami -j


  • New option login -T to login with an existing access token instead of a username and password


  • Fix issue with --fields resulting in ‘null’ for values that should be ‘false’.


  • Fix issue with --fields resulting in ‘null’ for values that should be ‘false’.


  • Fix error with policies command.



  • New command datastores for managing cloud datastores

  • New command accounts groups for managing subtenant groups


  • Fix --fields option for lots of list and get commands


  • Enhanced expression parsing for morpheus shell. Parenthesis can be used in conjuction with operators. eg. (whoami || login) && (instances list -m 5; hosts list -m 5)


  • Updated clouds list supports more standard options

  • Updated clouds get supports multiple arguments

  • Updated clouds add and clouds update to support the --payload option.


  • Fix issue with clouds add not including the default config.certificateProvider value, which the 3.3.2 api (incorrectly) requires.


  • instances add has new options --name, --create-user and --user-group

  • instances add uses --create-user=on by default

  • instances add will combine options on top of --payload


  • Improved commands workflows and tasks

  • New commands edit-profile and edit-rc

  • Removed --json-raw from help output.


  • Fix issue with library-file-template add --file.


  • morpheus now parses pipe | input as command arguments. eg. cat my_host_ids.txt | morpheus instances get



  • New commands library-* to replace old library command

  • New command user-sources

  • Improved option -F --fields. You can now use field as Label eg. --fields "id,name, as planId"

  • New option -Q --query for several list commands. This allows filtering with arbitrary query params.

  • shell now supports simple use of || and && operators

  • New option shell -e for executing shell scripts

  • New option shell -Z for Incognito mode

  • New utility commands edit-profile and edit-rc and sleep



  • New commands monitor-groups, monitor-groups

  • Renamed command checks to monitor-checks

  • Renamed incidents to monitor-incidents

  • New command user-groups

  • New command users passwd

  • Updated users commands to support --payload options



  • New command storage-providers

  • New command networks, network-groups, network-pools, and others

  • New option --payload FILE and --payload-json JSON for instances add


  • Fix issue with instances add showing details after provisioning.



  • Changed format of command instances add. The old format of instance add [type] [name] is deprecated. The new format is instances add [name] -t TYPE

  • Updated command instances add for 3.0

  • Updated command app-templates for 3.0

  • Updated command apps for 3.0

  • New command image-builder

  • New command archives


  • virtual-images command uploads without multipart.


  • roles update-feature-access should allow any access value eg. ‘user’ or ‘view’


  • Fix issue with remote setup --insecure


  • IP Address (optional) when using networks with IP Pools or DHCP.


  • Fix issues with remote add --insecure and shell --insecure



  • New options for instances add. Automation inputs such as workflow, shutdown days, create backups, metadata.

  • New command recent-activity




  • New command containers action|actions|get|reject|restart|start|stop|suspend

  • New command instances containers and instances get --containers

  • New command instances scaling and instances --scaling

  • New command instances scaling-update

  • New command instances action|actions


  • Fix load-balancers add

  • Fix issue with Virtual Image prompt being optional when provisioning a private image.

  • Fix issue with whoami –remote



  • Improved remote commands. Added remote get, remote check. Remote appliance status and session activity can now be seen.

  • New command incidents for managing monitoring incidents.

  • New command checks for managing monitoring checks.

  • New options --csv and --fields. Only available for hosts and instances at the moment.

  • New commands library option-types and library option-lists

  • New command whoami -t to print your access token only.

  • New command curl for adhoc api testing.

  • New command man for viewing the CLI-Manual.

  • Formatting changes for Details output, aligned and right justified labels.

  • Formatting changes for --help output.


  • Fixed missing command instances logs

  • Errors are now written to STDERR.



  • Network Domain selection during instance and server provisioning


  • Fix error seen when $HOME/.morpheus directory does not exist yet.

  • Fix bug with alias not being available right away within a shell

  • Fix some behavior with the shell’s history, ! !! commands



  • Proper .morpheusrc file support for the shell. You can put any morpheus command in here now.

  • Support for .morpheus_profile and disabling it with the --noprofile option.

  • Aliases need to be exported with -e or alias export, which stores them in the .morpheus_profile file.

  • new script commands: source, echo, ssl-verification, coloring, log-level

  • The --debug option now prints every API request that morpheus makes, and http response code. You can also turn this on all the time automatically in your .morpheus_profile with log-level debug

  • Added hosts make-managed


  • Fix a bug seen with Azure provisioning.

  • Fix shell --insecure not working

  • Fix hosts upgrade-agent

  • Fix instances clone



  • Renamed the subcommand details to get for all commands. Use hosts get "myhost" instead of hosts details "myhost"

  • Prettier usage stats for instances get, hosts get and apps get

  • Display more information about groups and clouds e.g. Clouds assigned to group, # of Hosts

  • Added groups add-cloud and groups remove-cloud for managing which clouds are assigned to a group

  • Added new instances commands suspend, eject, console and status-check

  • Environment Variable configuration for instances add

  • New options --copies and --layout-size for instances add

  • Description, Environment, Tags options for instances add

  • Added remote setup to Setup New Appliance

  • Support for the -r --remote option on just about every command

  • Added virtual-images command for Virtual Image management

  • Better Morpheus Shell performance and functionality

  • Added Morpheus Alias

  • Improved option parsing for all commands. e.g. [name] argument may appear before or after option switches

  • Improved help documentation for all commands

  • Make list the default subcommand for many commands. Now hosts can be used in place of hosts list. This is experimental, and may be removed in 2.10.2